Opportunity / Segment Assessment Program


Are there product and/or market opportunities that need to be evaluated/assessed?

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A Market Opportunity Analysis (MOA) is designed to provide a better understanding of the most important market segments, how fast the opportunity is growing, what are the key sustainable differentiations and why are these important.
Finally, an opportunity analysis must carefully explore the key value propositions and profile the most important use cases and outline how best to acquire customers. Below is an opportunity model used in our analysis.
  Current Products New Products

If you desire to assess a market opportunity or evaluate a specific segment of customers, this is an important tool to enhance the likelihood of making a good business decision.
Actionable Insight(s) Why Conduct This Type of Research Outcome(s) To Be Expected

Are there product and/or market opportunities that need to be evaluated/assessed?

YOU LEARN for example

  • Market Opportunity Analysis (MOA) – as appropriate
    • Market size/forecast
    • Positioning and value proposition
    • Differentiation
    • Customers
    • Competition
    • Channels and partnerships
    • Roadmap
  • Negative effects of change
  • Identification/assessment of intangible factors

Reduce the likelihood of pursuing a poor opportunity


Increased profitability and overall efficiency


Better understand a new product or a new market

Complete opportunity evaluation

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